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We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. After every cleaning, one of our Service Satisfaction Representatives will contact you to make sure that you are completely satisfied. If not, we will return within 24 hours and make it right.

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Did a great job, but didn’t arrive at the scheduled time. I had to call them to determine when they were coming. A new team was sent out so my guess is they forgot about me.
Trust me on this one, my home is covered in dog hair. I can barely walk to the bathroom without it being covered in dirt and dander. But all that is a thing of the past because I now have professional house cleaners working for me. They send out professional maids who are always quick, efficient, and thorough!
Blue Daisy maids took a huge burden off my shoulders by sending some of the best maids in Austin. They are quick at cleaning, and also very detailed in cleaning. My house is clean now! The ladies have been so kind and respectful to my pets as well."
At Blue Daisy Maids, you will never find anyone who leaves before making your house spotless. I have several electronic products in my house, and they know exactly how to clean them. They have a very professional and experienced set of maids.
When you call Blue Daisy Maids, they arrive on time and do a first class job. They are polite and they always follow my requests exactly. They have excellent customer services and they go beyond their usual duties to meet my needs.
Blue Daisy Maids is a leading and affordable maid service in Austin that offers thorough, friendly service along with fast and reliable. Blue Daisy has the best maids you can find in Austin. Our housekeepers are punctual, respectful, and efficient. We take great pride in having the most professional and reliable housekeepers who are committed to helping us achieve our goals for customer satisfaction.
I am very happy to recommend. They are always professional and polite. The house is always spotless when they come for a cleaning, and I don't have to worry about it ever again!
Blue Daisy Maids has a very professional and experienced set of maids. They are cordial, respectful and will not leave your house before making it spotless. I love how they know exactly how to clean my electronics.
If you are looking for the best maid service in Austin, look no further. Blue Daisy has the most respectful maids you will ever find. They greet you cordially and never leave before making your house spotless. I have several electronic products in my house, and they know exactly how to clean them. They also have a stellar reputation for providing excellent customer care.
Blue Daisy has the best and most respectful maids you can find in Austin. They take care of everything with such great care, and never leave before making your house spotless. Their maids are very professional and experienced, equipped with every cleaning tool you'd need to make your house sparkle as new.
My house has many electronic devices, such as kitchen appliances and cameras. They are all in good working condition after they have been cleaned by the professional maids at Blue Daisy Maids and Cleaning Service of Austin. The company’s maids are experienced, polite and efficient.
I couldn't be happier with the maids I hired from Blue Daisy Maids. Although they were short notice, they took care of everything with a smile and got my house done in no time!
The maids are always on time and cleaned my house in a very detail manner. It made my home look brand new. They were also very nice, friendly and helpful during the entire process. I highly recommend Blue Daisy cleaning services if you want your house to be clean, safe and free from pest!
I am a satisfied customer of Blue Daisy Cleaning Service. I hired them to clean my home, and they performed the task perfectly. The cleaners were in professional attire, polite, efficient and quick. They knew exactly how to clean up after themselves and made sure that there is no sign of dust or dirt anywhere when I walked in my home.
They did an overall great job! The only thing we noticed that was missed was the pantry shelves. However, we weren't sure if that was actually included in the services.
I was really happy with the cleanliness of my house after Blue Daisy cleaning company took care of it. The experts were very thorough and took good care of every single part of my house, from the floors to bathroom. I’ve been using this service for 3 years now, and I have never had any issues with the people hired by them.
I hired Blue Daisy Cleaning Service because they have the most professional and experienced team of cleaners. The maids are extremely respectful and always do their best to give me the best cleaning experience ever!
I am a working mother and I never have time to clean my house. I hired Blue Daisy for three weekly cleaning sessions. These maids are very reliable so it was easy for me to depend on them and assign them jobs. They really made my home look great! The team cleaned every room at least twice a week, and everything went as smoothly as possible. I will always use this service again…
Blue Daisy Cleaning Service is a family-oriented service that provides exceptional cleaning services for residential areas.
I’ve just worked with the Austin Blue Daisy Cleaning Company on a home cleaning project. I wanted to ask you to give it a shot.
Blue Daisy Cleaning Service of Austin instructed me to kindly leave all the cleaning accessories that they needed at my disposal and gave me a detailed schedule of what I should expect during each step of their work.
My house was really, really messy. I hired Blue Daisy Cleaning Service of Austin to clean it up and they didn’t disappoint me. They were quick and efficient, left my place spotless and sparkling like new.
As a daily user of cleaning services, I have tried many of them in my life. Although there are several companies with the same level of professionalism and experience, Blue Daisy Maids and Cleaning Service enjoys a strong reputation among clients for a reason. The cleaners are always on time and respect our home as if it were their own. They care about our belongings and work really hard to make sure that everything is left in its original state before they leave the house.
Blue Daisy Cleaning Service of Austin is the best maid service in town. They know what it takes to keep a house squeaky clean and sparkling, so you don’t have to worry about that. Their cleaners are always on time and do their best job with a smile on their face. I have hired them several times and they never disappoint me!
I always considered cleaning to be a tough job, but it seems like it is a walk in the park for these guys. They made making the house squeaky clean look like an easy task. However, I do wish that there are more options in the preferred time list.
Quality of work is something that the maids of Blue Daisy should boast about. They are pretty good. Hoping they will remain consistent and I will get the same service in the future.
I hate cleaning, and after finding out the service that the Blue Daisy Maids and Cleaning Service offers, I will hate it even more. They are really good at cleaning, which I will never be.
They did a proper job of cleaning the house. However, I wanted to schedule a time other than 8.30 am, 12 pm, and 3 pm, which I could not do with on their website.
I would like to thank Blue Daisy Maids and Cleaning Services for the experience that they offered. Pretty much satisfied with their service and would definitely get them to clean my house again.
I have one little complaint. They should warn how good they are at cleaning the home. Now, I will never feel like cleaning the house by myself again.
Moving out is not an easy task. Especially, if you think about cleaning! But Blue Daisy Maids Cleaning Services changed that. Now, I will never be as much worried as I was last week when moving from one house to another.
Want professional cleaners that are highly experienced? Then Blue Daisy Maids is where your eyes should be. I took their cleaning service multiple times, and I was not disappointed with any of them.
Last week was pretty tough for me. I could not manage time to clean the house. However, Blue Daisy Maids took care of that. And like always, they did it perfectly.
There are plenty of collector pieces in my rooms. I was worried that one of them would most likely get broken. But I forgot to tell the maids to stay clear of them. To my surprise, they handled them with intensive care. None were damaged, and most importantly, they were all clean along with the rest of the room.
Looking for professional cleaners? This one is it! Trust me, and do not look anywhere else. The maids are professional and highly efficient. They will not take more time than they have to. And most importantly, they are respectful.
Working two jobs is not easy. It is pretty hard to find out some time from that tight schedule. But with the service that Blue Daisy Maids offer, it seems like I really do not have to worry about that anymore.
My schedule is pretty busy. For that reason, I usually choose cleaning services. And among all of the services I have tried, this one is on the very top. The maid was highly experienced, respectful, and courteous. Totally satisfied!
I did not believe what my friends said about Blue Daisy Maids until I tried their service personally. My home is now squeaky clean, and there was not even a speck of dust left on the rooms after they finished the cleaning.
I have a mild level of OCD. That is why I usually do all of the cleaning myself. But as I was under the weather this week, I opted for the service that Blue Daisy Maids offered. And after the maid left, my OCD was not triggered!
My house is pretty enormous in size and has too many corners that needed to be thoroughly cleaned. At first, I could not trust the maids to clean them properly, but to my surprise, they left it spotless. Guess I will be their regular customer from now on.
Blue Daisy maids probably have the most efficient maids to offer in the Austin area. They did not waste their time; they came in, greeted, and started working. And they did not get out until the house was totally clean. 10/10 would recommend.
I never imagined that someone as picky as me would be able to rely on a cleaning service. The service that the maids offered was highly satisfactory. They were on time and very courteous. Would happily pay for their service again!
It was my responsibility to get the whole house clean after moving. And I really did not want to tire my muscles doing that. Glad that I found out about Blue Daisy Maids at the right time.
Was worried that opting for a good cleaning service would break my wallet. But I guess I did not know that Blue Daisy Maids were offering their professional service in the area.
I just moved to a new house and was pretty worried about cleaning it. If only my friend did not refer to Blue Daisy Maids, I highly doubt my interior would look as nice as it is right now.
When it comes to hiring people for cleaning service, the first thing that I prioritize is professionalism. However, if I can not find a highly professional service, I look for cooperative ones. And Blue Daisy Maids is the best of both worlds!
Could not find any better cleaning service in Austin Area. And trust me, I looked through plenty of different options. This seemed the most promising, and the people that Blue Daisy Maids sent over delivered the promise!
The maids from Blue Daisy are literal angels! They are always quiet and courteous when they come to clean. I tend to make a lot of mess in my house, which can be pretty hard to clean (I admit). These maids still manage to make my house look as good as new every single time! They never cease to amaze me.
I am very picky when it comes to hiring a maid. I recently decided to try out Blue Daisy cleaning service because my friend suggested it. And I have to say I don’t regret it at all. The maids carefully clean every corner of my house with detail. They also look like they maintain proper hygiene.
My wife and I recently had an argument, and I ended up taking the responsibility of cleaning the house every day. Thanks to Blue Daisy, I barely have to do anything that feels like a chore. They take care of all the cleaning tasks and are very discreet about it. They also offer their services at a very low price.
Blue Daisy has the most respectful maids you will ever find in Austin. They greet you cordially and never leave before making your house spotless. I have several electronic products in my house, and they know exactly how to clean them. They have a very professional and experienced set of maids.
I was never a fan of cleaning my house. It’s big and has several nooks and crannies that are difficult to reach. That’s why I started hiring maids from all over Austin. None gave me the same level of cleanliness as the maids from Blue Daisy. I can’t recommend them highly enough.
With 4 kids and a wife that works two jobs, it can be pretty hard to take care of all the chores along with the cleaning. Cleaning is the most annoying part. Thanks to maids at Blue Daisy, I can take some time off and play with my kids. They make the house look spotless within an hour. Simply fascinating!
I’m a cat owner, which makes it obvious how messy it can get inside my house. Most maids find it hard to clean fur balls off the carpet. I was surprised at how easily these maids cleaned the entire house without ever complaining about the cats. They even had a smile on their face every time they spoke to me.
Blue Daisy Maids and Cleaning Service have the most professional cleaners in Austin. I recently got the proof when I hired one of their maids to clean my house while I wasn’t there. I didn’t find a single thing out of place when I came back. I’ll definitely call them every time my house needs cleaning up.
I am an aspiring artist with a house full of expensive artifacts. That’s why I don’t usually hire someone else to clean my house, as they have a chance of stealing. Unlike them, the maids at Blue Daisy were only focused on cleaning. They even cleaned the crevices on my artifact with a subtle touch.
Out of all the cleaning services I hired in my life, Blue Daisy Cleaning Service is the best. They have the most experienced team of cleaners who know exactly how to make a house look well-polished. The maids are always respectful and professional. I didn’t have a single thing to complain about.
I was extremely busy with all the work I had to do last week. I was so into my work that by the time I realized the mess I was living in it was already too late. There was no way I was cleaning it myself. I called a Blue Daisy maid, and she made the entire house spot-free.
I was always skeptical about hiring a cleaning service. More often than not, the maids try to steal something or end up damaging the TV or the stereo. Blue Daisy maid service changed my mind. They were extremely professional and friendly at the same time.
Blue Daisy cleaning service is best for an obvious reason. They have the best customer service. Apart from that, they are also swift and efficient at their job. As a single dad, I find cleaning a house full of kids very difficult. Thanks to this service I can have some moments of peace in my house.
I have 5 dogs in my house, and you might have guessed the amount of pet hair that lies around in my house. This makes cleaning a rather challenging task. Blue Daisy maids took a huge burden off my shoulders by sending some of the best maids in Austin. They are quick at cleaning, and also very detailed.
This cleaning service has made my life a lot easier. Thanks to them, I can always come to a squeaky clean home with not a spot on the floor. They dust every nook and cranny carefully. I even talked to some of them, and they are extremely nice. They treat your items with respect and also respect your privacy.
Blue Daisy Maids and Cleaning Service have the most well behaved helping hands I have ever seen. They never fail to treat you with respect when they come to your place. The maids carefully tread around electronic appliances and know how to clean them. They also charge a lot less than others.
This is hands down the best maid service in Austin. The maids are always on time and are very hygienic. They cleaned every corner of my house with precision. I never thought my floors could look this shiny. Thanks to Blue Daisy Maids, I can sip some tea or read a book and still have a squeaky clean home.
Blue Daisy maids are the most courteous cleaners in Austin. They cleaned every inch of my huge apartment without ever complaining once. Moreover, they even took care of the stubborn stains on my kitchen table. They are fast at their job and don’t ignore a single speck of dust.
I love how my house looks thanks to the girls they’re on time and very friendly easy to book an appointment I highly recommend then.
Great service! Always a great job. Flexible with changes. Coming home to a house that smells like heaven that is fresh and clean - priceless.. BUT - they are very affordable! All my neighbors are now using them too!
I've been using Trustworthy Cleaners for two years. They're true to their name; I trust them to be in my home on their own. I've tried other house cleaners...
This cleaning ladies are awesome ! They always leave my home spotless. Easy and quick communication. They always on time. They everything what I need . Highly recommended
Needed a deep cleaning for a rental property in Lakeway. Spoke with a number of different cleaning services and went with Austin Maid Service. Showed up on time, professional, and did a great job cleaning the property, which previous renters hadn't left in great shape. Recommend and will definitely be using again as needed.
I was extremely satisfied with the apartment move out cleaning that was provided to me. I was amazed by my professional cleaning provider Kenya S, she was very professional, diligent and extremely detailed on every inch of my apartment. I would say that an employer with that kind of employee should be so fortunate. I would definitely recommend this cleaning service to everyone I know.
I've hired several different cleaning companies in Austin and this is easily the most professional one I've done business with, to date.My apartment is literally sparkling after every cleaning and they even vacuum patterns into my carpet. Love it!
I have always had trouble keeping the house clean with 4 shaggy dogs, and I am so pleased that I finally found a cleaning service that is up for the challenge. I have never seen my house sparkle before Austin Maid Service!
I have not had a better experience with any other maid service, ever. These guys know the meaning of customer service, and my house has never been more clean. Two thumbs all the way up.
Blue Daisy Maids & Cleaning Service of Austin

The Best House Cleaning
Service in the Austin Area

We are a locally owned and operated residential and office cleaning services for Austin, Texas and the surrounding area. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. After every cleaning, one of our Service Satisfaction Representatives will contact you to make sure that you are completely satisfied. If not, we will return within 24 hours and make it right.

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Our Austin maids undergo a rigorous background check and unlike many other maid services companies, they are employees of our company which means they are covered by workers’ compensation insurance and they pay their taxes, just like you and me.

Our maids are equipped with top of the line professional cleaning equipment including Proteam Hepa backpack and upright vacuums which capture 99.9% of pollutants one micron or larger.

Our paper towels are 100% bleach-free and are made from 100% recycled paper, meeting the EPA’s guidelines for post-consumer content. Austin is a large city but Blue Daisy Maids & Cleaning Service of Austin has got it covered. From Avery Ranch/Brushy Creek to West Lake Hills, University Hills to Circle C – we are there to serve you.

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It’s easy! Just fill out the quick estimate form or give us a call and you’ll be on the way to a sparkling clean home in no time!

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Residential Cleaning Services

Depending on your home’s size, one, two, or three maids will follow a systematic cleaning ritual beginning upstairs and ending at your front door.

Our maids will follow the best cleaning practices to ensure that your home receives the proper care, including dusting, vacuuming of all carpeting, sweeping and mopping of all hard surface floors, sanitizing and shining of all bathroom counters and fixtures, and the cleaning and sanitizing of kitchen counters and appliances. If there’s a particular area of concern in your home, simply notify Blue Daisy Maids & Cleaning Service of Austin, and our team will address the area to your satisfaction.

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Move Out Cleaning

When you’re moving, the last thing you want to worry about is cleaning the home you’re leaving. Luckily, Blue Daisy Maids & Cleaning Service of Austin provides move out cleaning so you have one less thing to worry about on moving day.

If you have a clear open space free of furniture, our team will be able to provide you with a deep cleaning of your home. Our maids will clean and disinfect all hard surfaces, including floors, countertops, fixtures, and appliances. In addition, we will dust and clean walls, doors, windowsills, ceiling fans, railings and banisters. We wipe down drawers and cabinets and wipe the interiors clean. We provide extra services such as trash removal upon request and at an additional charge.

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Office Cleaning

Clean office space is essential to a productive work environment, and we here at Blue Daisy Maids & Cleaning Service of Austin are ready to make sure your office is sparkling clean. Our team will sanitize and polish any hard surfaces, sweep and mop hard floors, vacuum carpeting and rugs, as well as dust any desk or windowsill space. Bathrooms and kitchens will receive the same professional attention you’ve come to expect from Blue Daisy Maids & Cleaning Service of Austin, and we remove all trash at each visit.

Your office space is unique, and our maids will work with you to develop a cleaning plan and schedule that best fits you. Contact us to schedule an on-site visit to determine your needs and receive a free quote.

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Custom Cleaning Services

Some homes have spaces that may be infrequently used, or design elements that require less-frequent, specialized cleaning. Perhaps your larger home is in need of regular cleaning for high-traffic areas, and less-frequent cleaning for more specialized areas. For these tasks, our custom cleaning services can adapt to fit your specifications.

Other clients utilize our custom cleaning services for pre-party or post-party cleanups. Though our minimum is three hours, we can arrange to take jobs of any size in one service call. If you have custom cleaning requests, call and speak with one of our customer service representatives for a free quote suited to your needs.

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Professional House Cleaning Service

Our maids undergo a rigorous background check and they are actual tax-paying employees of our company. You’ll be blown away by the quality of our cleaning service, and we use bleach-free, environmentally-friendly supplies.

We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. In the rare case you’re not satisfied with our services, contact us within 24 hours and we will return to rectify the situation.

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