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Deep Cleaning Services in Austin, TX

Deep cleaning your Austin area home is a great way to have your house feeling like new. Deep cleaning for your home is similar to getting your car or truck detailed. You have the satisfaction of knowing that every nook and cranny of your home is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. Blue Daisy Maids recommends an initial deep cleaning of your home as the first step in maintaining a healthy home environment and the first step in our regular home cleaning services. Once we have spent the extra time and work required to deep clean your home, regularly scheduled cleanings maintain that level of cleanliness with less time and effort.

Deep Cleaning for Your Austin Home

A typical weekly house cleaning involves vacuuming, mopping, and dusting. But, to be sure that your home provides a healthy environment for you and your family, you need to deep clean your home occasionally. Deep cleaning your Austin area home allows for a more time-intensive cleaning that will result in more effective removal of accumulated dirt, debris, dust, and other allergens that can harm your family’s health and wellbeing. You can be confident that the air in your home is cleaner, and your furniture and carpeting are fresh and odor-free. Having your home deep cleaned can improve your wellbeing by reducing the stress associated with a home that is cluttered and dirty.

What Does Deep Cleaning Involve?

Deep cleaning your Austin area home will include all of our regular cleaning items, plus some extra services. Our highly trained staff will arrive with professional-grade equipment, including ProTeam Hepa vacuums, and the necessary environmentally friendly products to make sure your home is clean and safe. The following are just some of the items included in our Deep Cleaning services. Contact our team for any additional custom cleaning services you may want as a part of your home deep cleaning.

Bathroom Deep Cleaning

In addition to the regular cleaning services offered in our weekly house cleaning, our deep cleaning provides:

  • Washing and wet-wiping surfaces such as light fixtures, switch plates, towel and toilet paper holders
  • Cleaning tiles outside of the shower area, including grout
  • Wiping down windowsills, cleaning blinds
  • Cleaning doors, door frames, and baseboards
  • Cabinets and vents are also cleaned

Deep Cleaning Bedrooms

All bedrooms will be thoroughly cleaned following the guidelines of our weekly cleaning guidelines, along with the following:

  • Clean area under the bed, if accessible
  • Wet-wash all baseboards, light switches, doorknobs, door frames, and doors
  • Wipe down all ceiling fans, hanging lights with wet wipes
  • Vacuum drape and valance tops
  • Clean Windows

Kitchen Deep Cleaning

All kitchen counters, sinks, and appliances will be cleaned and sanitized, as noted in our regular weekly cleaning lists, plus these added areas:

  • Clean drip pans
  • Clean any knick-knacks
  • Wipe down windowsills, and blinds
  • Wet-clean all doors, door frames, and baseboards
  • Wipe down all kitchen furniture

Living Room Deep Cleaning

In the living room and other areas of the house, we not only clean according to our regular standards, but we also go a step further:

  • Wet-wipe or wash all hanging lights, ceiling fans, and vents
  • Wash all baseboards, door frames, doors, and doorknobs
  • Wet-wipe all furniture and upholstery
  • Vacuum drapes and valances, including tops
  • Vacuum and edge carpets
  • Wet wipe all knick-knacks and glass picture frames

Contact Blue Daisy Maids, and let our team of professionals deep clean your home. We’ll have your home sparkling clean and smelling fresh while you spend the time you save enjoying your family and friends.

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