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Weekly House Cleaning in Austin, TX

Balancing your work life and your home life can be quite a challenge, and spending the time to keep your home clean, sanitized, and smelling fresh — well, that can feel like a second job. If you are a busy Austin homeowner, finding time for self-care while juggling carpool duties, school activities, grocery shopping, and zoom meetings can seem like a pipe dream. Wouldn’t it be great to no longer worry about finding the time to keep your home clean and fresh? We think so, and Austin Maid Service can help.

Recurring Cleaning Services for Your Austin Home

Austin Maid Service offers weekly residential house cleaning services throughout the Austin area so that you can spend your time on the important things like taking care of yourself and your family. You can trust our team of professionals to keep your home clean and smelling fresh, using environmentally friendly products. Our weekly house cleaning can help you maintain a healthier home environment and improve your quality of life. A properly cleaned home can reduce the presence of germs and allergens such as pet dander and dust. Regular house cleaning can extend the life of your furniture and carpets by removing accumulated dust, bacteria, and debris. Maintaining a clean and clutter-free home can also reduce your stress levels and improve your quality of life.

What Our Weekly House Cleaning Looks Like

We highly recommend that you schedule a Deep Cleaning for your first service so that we can make sure to have the extra time necessary to get your home looking its best and smelling fresh and clean. Thereafter, regularly scheduled cleaning will maintain your home at that level.

Our team of professional maids will arrive at your home equipped with top quality professional cleaning equipment such as the ProTeam Hepa vacuums capable of capturing 99.9% of pollutants larger than 1 micron. They will start in the master bathroom and bedroom and work their way throughout your home, finishing at the front doorway.


  • Wipe and dust to remove debris or spider webs
  • Clean and disinfect showers, shower doors, and tubs
  • Clean toilets inside and out
  • Clean and disinfect vanity counters, sinks, and fixtures, including lights
  • Clean mirrors and cabinets
  • Fresh towels, if requested


  • Dust and hand-wipe flat surface areas, lampshades, picture frames, and knick-knacks
  • Beds made, using linens provided


  • Thorough cleaning and sanitizing of all appliance exteriors, including range tops, burners, and range hoods
  • Microwave cleaning inside and out
  • Cleaning and disinfecting of all countertops, sinks and faucets, cabinets, and handles

Laundry Room

  • Wipe down and clean accessible area of washer and dryer

Living Rooms and Other Spaces

  • Straighten up rooms and pick up clutter
  • Dust and remove any cobwebs
  • Vacuum and mop all hard surface floors
  • Vacuum all carpet areas including steps, and accessible closet floors
  • Dust all ceiling fans and windowsills
  • Dust all flat surface areas

We are happy to customize your weekly services by adding cleaning details such as the following, for an extra fee:

  • Clean interior area of refrigerator (requires removal and replacement of food items)
  • Cleaning behind and underneath appliances (appliances must be moved by homeowner)
  • Regular vacuuming underneath sofa and chair cushions

Contact Austin Maid Service and let our team of professionals keep your home clean and smelling fresh while you spend your time on more important things.

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